Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We all have changed

Wow, what a group photo !  It was the 7th of June (Bottom) and year 2003 (Top), 2008 at Seremban, the memorable town we spent our 5 or 6 years there.  

Together with a few teachers who taught us before, and the current head master; we all have given ourselves a good time to chat about some old stories, understand a bit more on each other, sort of 'get to know again' some of our classmates who has been missing in action for 25 years! OMG!  It was truly a great moment.

We all have changed, but our heard to the school has never changed.  We remember what we've learnt from our teachers in academic, what we've learnt from everyone about life and what we've gained from the school that we applied in our steps to the next stage.  During the years there, I believe among us we did have some fights (not physical la), some confrontational matters, even some quarrels with our teachers  (I even remember I had quarrel with head master then, haha); but hey, all these are over !  Smiling over about it now.

So folks, start telling us some of your stories then or perhaps now.  If possible get our teachers in the photos to join our blog.  Right guys?


Dave said...


Nice photo,不過左右兩邊好像crop得太多了。

Dive Instructor said...

Halo, many thx for participation in our blog. Yes, the photo I received already not so good, perhaps Ray can try to get a better copy?

Chong Yong Hwa said...

Luku, what is your e-mail address? I can e-mail you a scanned copy of the group picture (the one from the photographer). I have tried to clean up Ray's pictures but not very successful as well.

Dive Instructor said...

Folks, I actually got all the photos from your emails, thx. Now I have just changed the group photo to a better one which I got from 宝生.

sehyuh said...

Waoh! I am amazed to see a lot of faces from the photo.... this must be a successful gathering! But, will it be better if we put in names? I have to admit that I am getting older and older, not even can recognise some of the faces... (sigh ^^)

Nevertheless, glad to see 久违了的大姐,佩玉,翠萍,生哥,周公,志华,查理,元隆,联安,雪玲,慧玲,振展,学麟,宝玉,增川,翠菁,翠卿,...等等,淑媛也来了吗?

Poh Seng said...

Hi Boo Keong: You are amazing , the photo after you modify its contrast,bringtness and colour , now became more attractive and clear than the original one I get it from the professional photographer ,Terimakasih for create this blog.

From Poh Seng. 陈宝生 SM3A

孤 舟 剑 客 said...

to the sm3a(c) guys,
i got the contact tel list for most of the classmates, if you need it, pls let me know your email add or fax no.
our friendship is foc, so that,this tel list also foc!

---------agong c

孤 舟 剑 客 said...

Do u need a chung hua school photo to replace the existing boats photo?

I can do it for u.

-------agong c

Dive Instructor said...

Yes guys, I need all kind of digital photos from everyone including some school photos. I can create topic for us to talk about with some new photos ma....

PohSeng, I am still very much into photography but more on underwater shooting, so I still do some editing, check out for some of our underwater photos.

Not for advertising, if anyone of you interested to take up diving, I am more than happy to teach you.

Chong Yong Hwa said...

Wow! You took all those underwater photo's? Very nice and very impressive, they are really pretty.

Daniel said...

thx, they were done with lots of investment. i enjoy doing it thou.

dive instructor said...

Looking at d grp photo, it remind me during d time when we took our class photo in front of d main building then. Ray and I practically had to shout to everyone (including our teacher) to get everyone settle down and line up at the stands.

I remember it took us a few days to take all the photos of all the form 5/6 classes, plus the photos of all 'society'. Think of it now, it was quite fun compared to then it was quite a headache, right Ray?

We then uses Nikon FM, Nikon FE, like big deal, but now I use Nikon D100, D2Sx, D300.... wow, wat a diff! Anyway folks, don go into photography so much, lots of investment! Just do the normal stuff using standard digital camera will do. For an IT person it looks a bit more simpler, but for others, it's the other way round.

Everyone would say they have gone thru life, but what is that mean? To you, to others, to someone.... there are all different, tell us some stories of yours, tell us what you have seen in this past 25 years, let's share about something, tell us yr stories, tell us yr glories, tell us yr experiences, tel us anything that u think can b shared!!

Dive Instructor said...

Btw, Daniel is my buddy in diving and he is the one took all the inspiring photos.... he invested a lot into the game, not only equipment, time, and most: the interests and enthusiasm toward underwater photography....

Chong Yong Hwa said...

Luku and Daniel, I found this "underwater photography web magazine" website that might interest you.

Frankly, some of your pictures are nicer than some in the magazine, may be you should submit your pictures to them? :)

Dive Instructor said...

Thx. BTW I have not receive any digital photos of our school yet, looks like everyone is busy, not many ppl have checked out our blog.

Agong, you said you will write something? I am still waiting leh.... How about the ladies? I only see non other than little dragon girl appeal...

agong c said...


There is a dinner in Chung Hua Hall to9, to celebri 95 annvesary, u can meet me, ah sek, chi wa, ah yun there, will u come to join us.

---------agong c

Dive Instructor said...

Agong, so sorry that I did not able to attend the dinner in school, I knew about it but my family have an event at Klang.

Actually I am thinking of inviting some of you guys/gals to my house at Bukit Jalil for some wine, don't know you guys keen or not? Let me know your thoughts, if ok I will email to you map to get here. We can discuss about how we can improve the communication of this blog, as I feel that the viewing rate is kind of low.

Dive Instructor said...

Folks, I have added 2 blog links into our page here, 1st is our school, just click at the picture, and 2nd is a choir that founded by one of our classmate who dedicate his passion and social obligation to music and singing - 林福祥。He is now running his own music school in Klang.

I still remember we were once singing buddy in the choir and we also compete in our school's singing competition. Our choir then also traveled to many places to perform, such at Tawau, Sandakan and KK in 1984 if I am not mistaken. Our choir also did a recording in RTM and subsequently it was aired.

S3A(c) we have 碧娥,阿卜,myself and the other one I could not remember lio, maybe is 慧莹。

jamie said...


Carmen said...

Hi there, how are you guys/gals? Nice meeting you all here. But it seems a bit lonely cos only few of us chatting here. Everybody is busy making money or starts planning retirement? As I know, our dive instructor, Sehyuh, Agong and Dave are very busy and really somebody in their related fields but still they spare no efforts to this blog. Come on everybody. I really appreciate those who succeeded the last old classmate gathering and reunion.

carmen said...

所里所里,忘了自我介绍, 要被荣华骂了, 我是陈雪玲啦. 人上了年纪, 该忘的忘了, 不该忘的也忘了......

carmen said...

Hello hello everybody, wake up, show up, turn up and don't give up. But it seems I shout hysterically here, no body cares. Am I talking to myself? If nobody visits this blog, it is no point for us to appeal here, must find a way out......As our dive instructor said, tell us your stories and glories, your whereabout and your achievement, let us share your happiness. Yesterday I met Ruo Lan (Science A) in Sungai Long, she is a PhD holder and a professor of UTAR. I am really proud of her.

carmen said...




Dive Instructor said...

Carmen, I am surely happy to see u came into our blog and gave your thoughts. I hope you did inform Ruo Lan to visit our blog.

I know that many people are not so much into computer or internet, or even email. So let's give them some times, spread the words by phone, inform them about this; we would not stop here.

BTW, let me welcome Jamie! Actually I dun know who Jamie is but I am sure he/she will let us know.

I think I have to create another few threads separately base on different class to talk about each and every one, I will have to put in the picture we took on June 7th and to compare the class picture of ours in the yr 1983. Interesting? Hope this will stir more interest to comment.

carmen said...

Yes, Dive instructor, I did tell Ruo Lan about this blog and she said she would visit.

Last night I sent SMS to 蔡慧玲,甘嘉玲,李翠萍 and 颜瑞凤, asked them to log on, support and contribute to this blog but no answer from them. As you said, maybe we must give them some time. I will spread the news to others as well.

Jamie is a young friend of mine, she is my IT and mobile phone consultant. I visited this blog after I received your information. I checked this blog frequently. I noticed that after 15th of July no further news from our classmates. I intended to write something but I didn't really know how to publish my comments. So I consulted Jamie. She tried and taught me. I truly appreciate her helping hand. I always believe, where there is a will, there is a way.

yukipang said...

hi,iam yuki pang wei juan.i am now in new york.carmen told me this blog.nice to meet u all here.if u want to contact me,pls call carmen. thank you.

agong c said...

hi carmen and all of 1983 boys n girls,

May i know who is yuki pang? from which class?

we all hv to say thanks to dive instructor(luku) who incharge this blog for us. tqtqtq..........

do u know many of us feel happy to metu at the gathering, bc we though u lost in the space fo many yrs. i feel proud to caugh us back fr the space.

----------agong c

agong c said...

i thinks the time and date of this blog hs some mistake, can u adjust it.

---------agong c

carmen said...

Yuki Pang is one of our classmates, 冯惠圆. She is now working in New York.

Last night I called 萧慧莹, she is now in Washington, the USA. But she was busy, no answers from her. She left a voice mail this morning but I was still ZZZZzzzzzzzzz. I will contact her again.

Agong, I feel happy also to meet all of you. You know, I seldom mixed with our classmates during my school time. There was only sport in my life. But now when we reached this age, we have changed, physically, mentally and emotionally. We must treasure something that worthwhile....

Dive Instructor said...

ai ya, we don't control the dates la, its given by the server, I think the date is ok but not the time.

OMG, Pang is one of our member that we have seraching for her since the 1st gathering, and she is hiding in NY....%^&$#%

Hey Yuki girl, please email to me your contact la, Agong can than update our database, next time we let u know our event.

See, after a while we caught another one, slowly hope we got everybody.

I am going to scan our 1983 class picture and put it up for comparison, hope the effect will be good, just give me some times. Also hope that you folks will start your comment there.

carmen said...

The date and time stated is 15 hours before our local time. So just add 15 hours to the time :

July 3, 4:20 am = July 3, 1920 hrs
= July 3 7:20 pm
July 29,11:41pm = July 30, 1241 hrs
= July 30, 2:41 pm

carmen said...

Dive instructor,知道你要将我们二十五年前的玉照登出来,有点紧张,有点害怕,有点期待.可以不可以只登我们的背影?

那天同学聚会,我发现我们有些女同学,尤其是我,是属于 ' 远看迷死人,近看吓死人 ' 的那种;而一部分男同学则是 ' 远看像座山,近看是座山 ' 的稳重型男士.天啊,真的要面对现实吗?



agong c said...

以下為老人家嘔心瀝血的大作, 原本已傳去星洲日報, 結果被主任甩了一頓,” 你的班上聚餐關讀者屁事啊? 想要騙稿費﹐就乖乖給我寫幾篇評論﹗”
大作被退貨, 又不想孤芳獨賞, 就放在這裡虐待”老” 同學們!!!!!!!
多多指 教!!


畢業 25周年聚餐會


25年的確是很久遠的歲月﹐幾位負責人能在短期間內號召到近半 數的”老” 同 學齊 集花城, 完成了一項超級任務, 絕對值得自豪, 也感激”老” 同 學們的成全, 特別是那 些從國外趕回來的”老” 同學們. 大家辛苦了!

25年的歲月是殘酷的, 除了幾位長青樹抵住了歲月的摧殘, 風采依舊, 風韻猶存外, 大家都刻上了中年的痕跡, 有的挺著大肚腩, 有的白髮蒼蒼, 有的魚尾紋乍現, 有的甚 至面目全非, 唯一不變的是那顆熱愛母校芙中的心.

多年來﹐大家的機 遇各有不同, 難的有機會放松心情, 毫無顧忌地與”老” 同學緬懷舊事, 天南地北無所不談, 的確是人生一大快事. 畢竟同床共枕, 哎呀!搞錯了, 是同窗共處了5,6年, 大家都了解彼此的底細, 大家自己人根本無須作做戲了. 當年的情敵, 冤家死對頭, 經過歲月的洗禮後, 都把往事當成笑話, 相逢一笑泯恩仇了.

見到昔日師長, 大家都好像變成40幾歲的小男生小女生, 圍住師長們吱吱喳喳講個不停, 真情流露之余也感激師長們的教誨. 相信師長們也對學生們的熱情, 深感欣慰吧!

唯一令人難過的是獲知幾位同學已經英年早逝了, 僅此獻上深切的哀悼, 也祈望下一次聚餐會不再有惡耗.

2013年正是芙中百年喜校慶的大喜日子, 借此良機, 希望1983年的”老” 同學們, 齊登芙中崗, 同慶畢業30周年紀念, 一同高呼友誼萬歲! 芙中萬歲!!!!
-------------agong c

agong c said...

can u post my statement to the blog as a special tittle, i would like to get some comments from our friends.


-----------agong c

CARMEN陈雪玲 said...

AGONG,读了你的呕心沥血大作,很感动,虽然星洲日报主任讲的是事实,我们还是要感谢你.最重要的是你有那颗心.所谓 ' 谋事在人, 成事在天 ' , 虽然不成功,至少你尝试过.如果你连尝试都不敢, 那肯定不会成功.




carmen said...


July 3, 4:20 am = July 3, 1920 hrs
= July 3, 7:20 pm
July 29,11:41pm = July 30, 1441 hrs
= July 30, 2:41 pm

Dive Instructor said...

Finally there are more interesting stories pops up. I am yet to scan those old photos into digital format, by next week I should be able to get something done.

Actually writing comments in blog is not that easy, first you must have the interest, 2nd some times to think about what to write, 3rd is to put in in the words that you feel nice. I guess some ppl feel that they are out or touch in writing, that is why it's kind of difficult to see comments. It is quite similar to other blog sites.

Well, I am not giving up, it is matter of time and to encourage others to at least come to check out our blog! Slowly they will write something.

Folks, please do call them, push them, maybe even con them to come in here....

carmen said...

Dive Instructor:

You are right. Writing something is not an easy task. As you said, we must have interest, topic and time as well. I think the key factor is the time problem. Nowadays ppl are too busy especially those who are staying in big cities.

I think most of us prefer reading to writing. We read newspaper everyday but we seldom write articles. It takes time to write even a short article. So, we just keep writing and sharing. We volunteer to give some opinions so that others may follow suit.

Yesterday my friends and I had a half-day tour in a city that rich in history and alive with modernity, Malacca. It has become a treasured town bursting with culture and history.
I paid a visit to our classmate 梁志雄. He is now running clay, porcelain and ceramic shop in this World Heritage city. All the beautiful and excellent creations like refractory ceramics, artistic ceramics, clayish product and portraits are hand made by himself and his wife. So fantastic. You all should go and experience it.

Btw, Dive instructor, I took a few photos of the art shop but I don't know how to upload to this blog. Can I send the photos to you by mms and you do it for me?

GAN Swee Foong said...

hi carmen,nice to hear from u,Sandakan my next visit place,any good suggest?

carmen said...

Hello, our pretty and young lady, gan swee foong, finally you turned up!Wow, you are the booster of this blog to all of us!You see, no news from our classmates since 4 Aug., then comes this beautiful girl!Welcome to this blog. I have been checking this blog the whole week since my last comment. I dare not post comment again because I had occupied so much space.We need some new blood, new voice and new opinions.

When are you going to Sandakan? This coming school holidays? I went there last century when I was young. No idea of this town. Business trip or family trip?

Maybe we can ask Agong to organize a trip to overseas, just open to our classmates. As I know, most of our classmates are tied up by the families, maybe they can hang loose with this trip.

gan swee foong said...

18th Aug - 20th Aug with my family,
thanks ur reply Carmen.:)

carmen said...

Gan, enjoy your trip. Tell us more about Sandakan when you're back.
It must be a very attractive place with beautiful scenery and landscape. Take more photos of this picturesque town. Share your experience, happiness and excitements after your trip.

Dive Instructor said...

ai ya, call up ah Pok la, he is now in KK but I am sure he know something about Sandakan. However if you like island, the Lankayan is very nice, clean and beutiful beaches, I went there for diving last year.

You must also check out the hillside where you can almost see the whole of Sandakan, there is turly a reason why ppl called Sandakan 小香港。

Ray said...

Hello all,

Too busy for the pass few weeks. Yes, Carmen & DI, agree with you both, something is not easy to post ideal and comment, need to think what and how to make it nice & easy to understand by the other. Like wat i did now. Hahaha....!!!!
Duku, where those "old" photo that you want to post? so far didn't c any of them YET!!!

Dive Instructor said...

Old photos are coming very soon....

Ray said...

Any nice place in Malaysia u been to? Sabah or Sarawak. Just for a short break, 2-3 days. Any suggestion? Detail of place to stay n ...!

Dive Instructor said...

East Msia is not suitable for 2-3 days break due to the long travelling time, usually half day or more needed for the journey. At least 4d3n stays than worth going there.

If you like island and beuriful beaches, Tawau Semporna has many good choices, Mataking and Kapalai are nice and reasonably priced. Sandakan Lankayan island also good, else KK also has good beaches like Tanjung Aru.