Thursday, June 26, 2008

First time is always difficult

It has been 25 years since we all finished our Form 5 commerce (SM5A) in 1983.  Many of you went further study overseas, many of us continue some courses locally, many of us came out to Social University.

Past 10 years we had 2 gathering including this year June 7th at Seremban.  Seeing many more classmates turn up has surely boosted the moral of our organizers, later I will introduce them one by one.  At the lunch, I have been asked to create a blog site for our class and here it go, I have done it in the way that we can also invite other classes to participate rather than just our class, knowing the number of potential participants to start blogging.

First time is always difficult, refer to our first class in Chung Hua High School, our first exam, our first type writing class, our first government exam, our first choice in further studies, our first job, our first family (opps, wrong), our first kid, etc etc ...... here our first even blog site !!

If you can remember, our school was the first school that embarked into teaching computer classes, thanks to our seniors who contributed a lot.  If I am not wrong, I am the first student in our class who seek for computer class even we were not suppose to because it was mean for SM 6 and then we were only at SM 5.

I started this with a simple thread and hope to create more threads with more inspirations, I also hope evey one can contribute your stories, your thoughts and your cares to every one.  Should you have interesting picture you wish to talk about, email to me and I will look into it.

Cheers and let's start blogging ....