Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Always Energetic Science Team

In this photo, some of you were my classmates when we were in 1st 3 years of school, we than split to science and commerce stream for our interests; but we still spent lots of time together in our extra curriculums such as Photography, Scouting etc. 

Can't do much on the old photo I scanned from our magazine but better than nothing.  I hope you still recognise yourself....


Chong Yong Hwa said...

Argh! How I wish more people would show up for this gathering. I do really appreciate the organizers for spending time and efforts for setting up this wonderful gathering. Thanks guys! :)

Ray said...

Except YongHwa, where's d others?????
Anyone visit this blog, try to post something lah, even just a 'hello' also welcome; right, DI?

carmen said...

I don't know whether I am welcome because I crossed the border.......

I join this blog just to hope that the statistics of the comments will be increased.

As a standard procedure, I have to introduce myself first. I am 陈雪玲from高三商科A班, now settled down in Muar, Johor. If you come to Muar, please let me know as this town is my territory. If you want to try our famous local food 'otak-otak', don't simply buy at any stall or hawker centre, ask me first, ok?

Ray said...

Hai carmen, u r welcome here too. ok, next time if I going down to Muar sure will contact u to get d best "otak-otak". But how har, no number to call?

carmen said...

Hi Ray, Sunday is my off day. My working hours are :
Monday to Friday 3:30pm to 10pm
Saturday 9am to 7:30pm

If you want to come, please contact :

012 6665999 来来来我救救救 or
012 3676888 生捞齐捞发发发

Welcome to Muar .........

Chong Yong Hwa said...

Hello! Carmen, of course you are welcome here! :)
I didn't realize you are in Muar now. Are you in tutor business or something if you don't mind me asking since your working hours are not that typical ?

Whatever happened to the excellent 蚝煎 used to be at that 贪吃街 ? So which Otak2 stalk is better ?? I was in Muar not too long ago and went to the new 荣成 building for a dinner. I have to say the new 荣成 building is pretty nice.

carmen said...

Hi, Yong Hwa, you are very smart, I am running a small tuition centre in Muar. I have been teaching for so many years and now some of the children of my ex-students also attend my tuition class. You see, how old am I .....We have grandfathers, grandmothers, now I am a grandteacher.

Is there anything wrong with our fried oyster stall at 贪吃街? I don't know. The business is still on.

Wow, you went to our new 荣成 building already? Who brought you there? I haven't been there yet. Any special dishes want to recommend to me?

AGONG C said...


Chong Yong Hwa said...

Wow! you are operating a tuition centre. ( hmm... may be I am smarter than I thought huh?! ha ha just kidding )
May I know what is the name of your tuition centre ? Where is it located ?? I may have some relatives that may need your help someday?! You must be doing very well, as your ex-students' kids are in your classes now! Great job! I actually have a few relatives in Muar. Oh! your tuition centre is for high school only?? or 大小通杀?

荣成 building ? oh! my uncle has his 50th wedding celebration there. My impression is that they rent out the upper layer for function(s) but cooking are done by other restaurants.

Since I haven't been to Muar for ages until this past few years (I was working in US until about 3 years ago ). Since my relatives took me to the 蚝煎 at 文达烟 (?? not sure what is the exact words for that place ), so I assumed the one in 贪吃街 was either no longer there or has gone bad. :P

Dive Instructor said...

I remember during scouts days, we used to hike there just to attend a camp fire event at 中化. It was very fun. Also to 新文龙独中 (in Kluang I think).

Talk about teaching, I think many of us is still doing it. I never give up teaching, I did short courses in Systematic Kota Raya long time ago (before yr 88), than I teached Dip in computer studies at Systematic SS2 during 1994/95. I hv been teaching diving for the past 6 years and now I am into conducting a wine program for business ppl.

emm, teaching, quite fun .... (if you like it)

Chong Yong Hwa said...

Oh! my goodness, Luku, wine tasting and involving in wine teaching as well! Anything that you are not good at? :) What is next ?? fencing?! :)
Yeap! I can still remember those good old scouting days and the camp fire event at 中化, GOOD TIME! I was having coffee with 贤继文 ( you still remember him, don't you ?) just the other days and was talking about our scouting days. 

Dive Instructor said...

Yes, I remember him, infact met him couple of times.

Perhaps you can forward him our blogsite to stir some interests too. Please also help to promote to your classmates, seem very quiet there.

Chong Yong Hwa said...

I did promote or at least informed others ( those in my class and some of those in S3A) about this blog. I may have to do it again just to jerk their memory about this blog again. It is not easy to keep the blog active unless more people get involved. Unfortunately, those people in my class most of them won't even reply a simple e-mail! :P others are just not comfortable with e-mail or even internet.
May be you should give Agong and Carmen or whoever can write the authorship ( or give them permission to start a topic or something ), that may make the blog a little more active ?
May be you should write something up about your diving experiences etc, I am sure that will generate more interest! :)

Chong Yong Hwa said...

黄金忠 told me the other day that he had problem leaving comment. He is computer savvy so I am not too sure what the problem is. May be his browser or firewall, who knows.

carmen said...

Yong Hwa, I dare not answer your questions. I will be scolded by Agong. He said our SM3A(C) tak laku, don't talk too much. So .......

My tuition centre is 富喜楼教育中心, we offer courses from 5 to 5 (from 5 years old to form 5).........OK, don't talk too much, Agong is staring at me...........

Dive Instructor said...

ai ya, our blog should talk more about our stories in school old days, afraid talk too much about ourselves will be seem like selling la.... I think Carmen have the same feeling too.

Like we also mentioned earlier, to write something is not that easy, especially the starting part; basically I believe its all about confident level.

Look backwards during school, I was not a person who like to write. But during the years of working where I have no choice to write proposals, letter, correspondences, emails, etc; I am trained to write in English but you may see that it is still not 'deep', u get what I mean?

Even people like us sometimes got problem writing something, let alone those of our classmates who may not have write something for years!!!

Honestly speaking I just wish them to come in here and say some hellos, say something even simple, just to support the 'writers' here. Like business 80/20 theory, the 20% of your customers usually give you the 80% of the revenues. So I wish the 80% of our classmates who don't feel like writing something long, give the support to the 20% of us who do some writing eventually, what say you ??

We shall even let our blog flow around our teachers, those who are still teaching and those who are retired, let them have a chance to communicate with us, let them say something about our naughty days. I just need you guys who have the contacts to let them know they are most welcome to write something.

Chong Yong Hwa said...

Luku, Frankly, I hate to write! However, I do know how hard it is to maintain an active blog. I really do appreciate the efforts you and other writers put in. So I am writing just to support your all.


Carmen, alright I got it, will tell my relatives about your tuition centre. :) My wife's old friend who happens to be in Muar now, has actually given up regular works and becomes a full time tutor (and her husband too). I guest, Muar market must be pretty good for tutors huh?! :)

Hey! where are all my old classmates?! :) Show you "writing" a little to give some supports.

Chong Yong Hwa said...

Luku, actually, telling us about your diving experiences will actually teach us something new.
I am sure most of us have no knowledge about diving or whatsoever. or your wine thing, you mean no free lesson for us in the blog?! come on! :)

Dive Instructor said...

No prob, in fact I am now in Perhentian Island, bringing some students for Open Water certification. Nowadays many islands have internet connection, so don't be surprise I can still log into our blog. I was here since Friday and going back on Monday.

I will write a bit on both diving and wine stuff when i got back to KL.

Chong Yong Hwa said...

Cool, Thank you in advanced, I am looking forward to the info.

Where do you train your diving students? Swimming pool ?? any specific requirements on the swimming pool, i.e. 10 ft deep? 8 ft deep??
The other day, one of my customer was telling me about himself got injured due to raising to the top (from diving) too fast. I assumed it has something to do with the pressure etc. What kind of injury will involved in this kind of accident?

Ray said...

Wah, didn't visit the blog for sometime, so many changes, posting n comments...hahaha.

Finally, some of the old photos was post on the blog + d write up from carmen. Good job. Keep it up.

Agong, dun divide so clear lah. U r most welcome here too!

Ray said...

Tan Poh Seng did leave some comment at my blog sometime ago but didn't c him here.

Dive Instructor said...

Ray, ask Poh Seng to write something here, I know he can write.

BTW Yong Hwa, our blog has a link to a website where my fren and I keep some of our diving photos, please do visit.

Chong Yong Hwa said...

Luku, are you talking about the blog by Daniel? Yes, I have visited that blog and introduced some of my American friends to the blog as well.

Deo said...

Dear all,
I am Deo Chang Siong, From S3B (1983), I had left seremban since 1984.tweenty over years working at Singapore.This year i am coming back to seremban to set up an office and a small biodiesel plant for Evironmental Foundation of Tuanku Ja'afar at Seremban 2, The office address: 69A, Jln S2-D34 seremban2 city centre.
I wish to meet up all of my old friends during the school day ( i miss you all;)
I can be reached at 017-7865839.Please feel free to contact me anytime.
See you
Best Regard


Ray said...

After more then 7 months seen no1 visit or leave any message here. So soon or alter this blog will be close down by itself loh. hahahaha.