Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Commerce Folks who Never Give Up

I am combining these 2 photos due to its smaller group size, I hope the next gathering will attract more classmates.  Guys, work harder to call them for our next event!  Good thing is, even thou the number are smaller, but I realise they always get together for the past many years, and always show up in some activities in the school or outside.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Always Energetic Science Team

In this photo, some of you were my classmates when we were in 1st 3 years of school, we than split to science and commerce stream for our interests; but we still spent lots of time together in our extra curriculums such as Photography, Scouting etc. 

Can't do much on the old photo I scanned from our magazine but better than nothing.  I hope you still recognise yourself....

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Most Scientific Super Heros

This picture was taken during the 2008 June 3rd gathering, some of our teacher who are now retired also present, plus the current headmaster.  This was the first time that many people turned up from the class after so long.

I learnt from the event, that even you were all scientific folks then in school, but now some of you are in business arena for many years.  Some are in academic still contributing to the society, teaching the next generation; some of you continue your technical expertise and some are home makers.  Some of you are far away from home (US, Australia, Shanghai, Singapore) but the time you've spared to join us was very much appreciated, indeed very encouraging to the organizers.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We all have changed

Wow, what a group photo !  It was the 7th of June (Bottom) and year 2003 (Top), 2008 at Seremban, the memorable town we spent our 5 or 6 years there.  

Together with a few teachers who taught us before, and the current head master; we all have given ourselves a good time to chat about some old stories, understand a bit more on each other, sort of 'get to know again' some of our classmates who has been missing in action for 25 years! OMG!  It was truly a great moment.

We all have changed, but our heard to the school has never changed.  We remember what we've learnt from our teachers in academic, what we've learnt from everyone about life and what we've gained from the school that we applied in our steps to the next stage.  During the years there, I believe among us we did have some fights (not physical la), some confrontational matters, even some quarrels with our teachers  (I even remember I had quarrel with head master then, haha); but hey, all these are over !  Smiling over about it now.

So folks, start telling us some of your stories then or perhaps now.  If possible get our teachers in the photos to join our blog.  Right guys?